Company Profile


Mint-Lab SSD Solutions & Chemicals Int’l is a modern company with latest working styles. We deal with a variety of products and services such as SSD Solution, TTZ Universal Solution, Vectrol Paste, Activation Powder, Automated Money Developer Machines, Zuta S4, Congeal Chemical Melting Equipment, and Counterfeit Notes. We provide these products and services on the client’s interest and demand.


Cleaning banknotes are just a thing of a click for us. We process the cleaning work with full professionalism and dedication so that our clients never leave us in disappointment. We have arrangements for all kind of banknotes and currency like USD, Euro, and more when it comes to cleaning.

We are available with the best and high range of products and chemicals that can easily make the banknotes stain-free. With the best of knowledge and high-end technology use, our experts are bound to serve clients with all the service they are seeking for a long period. We believe in complete clients’ satisfaction in order to make the flow of work convenient and smooth.

Our company understands when it comes to cleaning banknotes, all a person needs is the support of a reliable agency that can help him or her out in this strenuous task. Therefore, we become the link of success for those clients and get the things working for them. Our hand- cleaned banknotes are impossible to be detected even by the experts. We take precision in our projects and complete them with all care and details.

Make sure you have mentioned us the correct details about your project because we need to make things work in accordance with that. We have solutions to all your money-related problems. Just let us know it specifically so that we can make the right choice among the solutions and chemicals available.


We have deployed a team of professionals who are well-versed with the use of chemicals and powder for banknotes cleaning purposes. Even we have machines that can be used to clean money in bulk.


With our company, there is no need to worry about work quality. We give our 100% in every project we get and complete them without overlooking any details.


We deliver each project with a complete report on time as discussed earlier with the client. Get in touch with our company Mint-Lab SSD Solutions & Chemicals now!